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Reporting Acts of Intolerance

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Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct

As members of the UC Irvine Community, students are expected to be aware of their rights, as well as their responsibilities. Each member of the University shares the responsibility of maintaining conditions conducive to the achievement of the University's mission. UC Irvine is committed to the Principles of Community which provide for an environment that is purposeful, open, disciplined, just, caring, diverse, and celebrative.

Integrity Week 2015

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Recent Updates :

UC Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy

UCI Sex Offense Guidelines

UCI Discrimination and Harassment Guidelines

Go to Appendix 3 of the Code of Student Conduct to see updates on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy and Guidelines. 

Go to Appendix 8 of the Code of Student Conduct to see the Guidelines to Reporting and Responding to Reports of Discrimination and Harassment.

Click here to visit the Rights of Free Speech and Academic Freedom website.

Click here to visit the UCI Sexual Violence Prevention & Response website.